I know that a good magician is not supposed to reveal their tricks, but I love videos that show how great artists weave their magic spells. In that vein, I thought I’d share some beau­ti­ful videos that show the behind the scenes process in some great design and art projects.

Note these aren’t how to videos, they are more art­ful than hands-on, so sit back and enjoy, because they are still worth the time. They give you a greater appreciation of the skill and craft that goes into creating these works, which will help us all a being better at graphic and motion designers.

Glennz Illustration Process – Northern Celebrations by Glenn Jones
Watch master illustrator, Glenn Jones as he makes a cool T-Shirt design. He’s compressed 51 minutes of design goodness into 3.

He sketches the design with a Wacom Tablet and then he turns that into a guide layer, then he goes over it with the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. He must have a black belt in Bézier curves for sure! Be sure to check out all of his videos on Vimeo, they’re awesome!

Glennz Illustration Process – Northern Celebrations from Glenn Jones on Vimeo.


 The anatomy of a VFX shot – at Industriromantik
This is a pretty cool video that shows how the effects house Industriromantik builds their visual effects shots. via Church Media Design

The anatomy of a VFX shot – at Industriromantik from Industriromantik on Vimeo.