This week’s edition of How They Did It will focus on the visual effects breakdowns. That is short videos that peel back the layers of visual effects from film and television so you can see how these effects wizards make the unreal, real.

Please note, these aren’t how-to videos, they are more art­ful than hands-on, so sit back and enjoy, because they are still worth the time. They give you a greater appre­ci­a­tion of the skill and craft that goes into cre­at­ing these works, which will help us all a being bet­ter at graphic and motion design­ers.

Troll Hunter VFX Breakdown
See how trolls were made to live again in this fun breakdown from one of my favorite movies from 2010.

Shutter Island VFX Breakdown
These still images will give you a sense of how the disturbing world of Shutter Island was created.

Panic Room VFX Breakdown
Learn the secrets of how the set of David Fincher’s classic film Panic Room was more fake than real.

VFX Breakdown: The hairy parts
Watch the effects wizards at Industriromantik make a normal guy into a hairy Christmas Santa.

VFX Breakdown: The hairy parts from Industriromantik on Vimeo.