Reflections on music an nostalgia

Nostalgia is a form of depression.” – Abbie Hoffman

I was goofing about on the internet and saw this cool video of 1,000 people playing Nirvana’s classic “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit.” I really dug it and was jamming to it. It made me reflect on the nature of nostalgia. It seems most people love the music of their youth more than anything the comes after. I am no different, listening to Nirvana instantly takes me back to those days when staying up all night studying, playing games, parties or any number of distractions took the place of more substantial worries.

Music is an emotional time machine that takes you to that lost country that is gone but not forgotten. Every time I hear the opening rift of “Teen Spirit” the memories of my college years on the Palouse flood over me. As the time as passed and I have learned who I am and what I truly I am called to do, I wish I could speak with my younger self so I could’ve let my younger self know that graphic design was truly my calling and to give myself a head start on things I dawdled on.  But then again, I’d probably not listen, being full of the confidence and joy of youth. But either way, my old self and my 19 year old self would’ve still jammed together, because that song still kicks ass.


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